Pitnak (Uzbek: Pitnak / Питнак) is a city in Xorazm Region, Uzbekistan. It is the seat of Tuproqqalʼa District.[1] The town population was 12,411 people in 1989,[2] and 16,800 in 2016.[3]

Pitnak is located in Uzbekistan
Location in Uzbekistan
Coordinates: 41°13′20″N 61°18′24″E / 41.22222°N 61.30667°E / 41.22222; 61.30667Coordinates: 41°13′20″N 61°18′24″E / 41.22222°N 61.30667°E / 41.22222; 61.30667
CountryFlag of Uzbekistan.svg Uzbekistan
RegionXorazm Region
DistrictTuproqqalʼa District
 • Total16,800
Time zoneUTC+5 (UZT)


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