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Peiraikos Syndesmos (Greek: Πειραϊκός Σύνδεσμος) or simply Peiraikos, also written Piraikos Syndesmos, is one of the oldest sports clubs in Greece, based in Piraeus. It was founded in 1894.[1] Today Peiraikos has departments in basketball, volleyball, and track and field.[2] The previous years it had departments in football, swimming, handball, and water polo.

Peiraikos Syndesmos
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Full namePeiraikos Syndesmos
Colours          Blue, White
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Active departmentsEdit

  • Peiraikos B.C. Basketball team
  • Peiraikos V.C. Volleyball team
  • Peiraikos Track and Field team


Peiraikos was founded in 1894. The club was one of the founder members of SEGAS.[3] Peiraikos was the first club which founded a football team in Piraeus. It won a Panhellenic football championship in 1923.

The basketball team of Peiraikos was founded in 1935. It has played two times in A1 Ethniki (first division), in the 1991-92 and 1996-97 seasons. The women's basketball team has won two championships, in 1969 and 1970.[4]

Peiraikos volleyball team was founded in 1929. It was the club that brought volleyball to the city of Piraeus. Today it a women's volleyball team.[5]


Peiraikos Syndesmos
Peiraikos Football team (defunct)
Peiraikos Basketball team (Women)
Peiraikos Athletics team
  • Panhellenic championship (1): 1935


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