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Pipeworks Brewing Company is a brewery in Chicago, Illinois. The brewery opened in January 2012 by founders Beejay Oslon and Gerrit Lewis.[1] Pipeworks began their brewing different from other microbreweries in that they initially brewed their beers entirely as a series of 'one off' beers that were aimed specifically to the niche market of beer connoisseurs.[2] The brewery's stated goal is to release a new beer every week.[3] This approach gave the brewery and its beers somewhat of a cult status among beer enthusiasts, with its offerings selling out relatively quickly.[4] After seeing significant growth, both in output brand and identity, Pipeworks has since augmented their one-off beers with several of its 'core' beers in 16 ounce can 4-Packs now regularly available widely throughout the Chicago area.

Pipeworks Brewing Company
IndustryAlcoholic beverage
FounderGerrit Lewis and Beejay Olsen
Headquarters3912 W. McLean Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60647
United States



Pipeworks began as the brainchild of Oslon and Lewis, who were homebrewers that met while working at West Lakeview Liquors in Chicago.[5] The two were educated in larger scale brewing at the De Struise Brewery in Oostvleteren, Belgium. In 2011, the pair began an online fundraising campaign to raise the capital needed to build the brewery, which would be located in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood.[6] Oslon and Lewis planned specifically to build a smaller brewery that veered from the conventional course followed by most commercial breweries: they would not make the same exact beer twice. This concept, which is known in the industry as gypsy brewing, became conceptualized as somewhat of a hybrid at the fledgling brewery, given that that style of brewing is usually done on borrowed equipment.[2] The duo also took an unorthodox approach in the building of the brewery, raising over $30,000 (USD) through internet donations via Kickstarter.[7] In late January, 2013, Pipeworks was awarded RateBeer's 'Best New Brewery' distinction for 2012.[8]

In June, 2015, Pipeworks purchased a larger facility in the West Side, 3912 W. MacLean Ave., near Pulaski Road and Armitage Avenue. They planned to move production to both bottling and canning. Their original facility has since been vacated and is set to be demolished to make way for condominiums.


Pipeworks Beers[9][10]
Name Style ABV % IBU Original Release Date Notes
Close Encounter Imperial Stout 8.5 5 April 2012 Batch #7, 10
Ninja Vs. Unicorn Double India Pale Ale 8.5 3 March 2012 Batch #3, 8, 13.
End of Days Milk Stout 6.1 25 February 2012 Batch #2
End of Days Milk Stout 8.2 15 May 2012 Batch #12
Jones Dog Milk Stout 6.5 10 March 2012 Batch #4
Koval Whiskey Barrel Aged Smoked Porter 20% Porter 7 20 April 2012 Batch #1
Smoked Porter 20% Porter 7 15 May 2012 Batch #11
Hyper Dog Milk Stout 7.5 April 2012 Batch #9
Glaucus Belgian IPA Belgian-styled Strong Ale 8 23 May 2012 Batch #15
Blood of the Unicorn American Strong Ale 8.5 29 May 2012 Batch #16
Poivre Rose Saison Brewed with Peppercorns 7.7 Summer 2012 Batch #21
Imperial Hyper Dog Milk Stout with Cacao Nibs, Vanilla Beans, and Coffee 10.5 15 Jan 2015 Batch #614
End Boss Kinda Hoppy Belgian Style Triple 9 15 Jan 2015 Batch #615
Crimson Snapper Imperial IPA Brewed with Honey, Blood Orange Juice, & Citra Hops 9.5 22 Jan 2015 Batch #617 & #618
Cinnamon Beer-d O's Cereal Milk Inspired Imperial Ale 10 23 Jan 2015 Batch #621 & #622
Yuzu Saison 7.5 30 Jan 2015 Batch #627
Peek -A- Brew Belgian Style Ale brewed with Red Currants and Blackberries 9.5 13 Feb 2015 Batch #637
Cherry Murderous "The Lookout" English Barleywine Style Ale brewed with Cherries 9.5 13 Feb 2015 Batch #638
Sorachi Ace Vs Nelson Sauvin Double IPA brewed with Sorachi Ace & Nelson Sauvin Hops 8.5 12 Feb 2015 Batch #640
Game of Jones Imperial Milk Stout Brewed with Cacao Nibs & Vanilla Beans 10 20 Feb 2015 Batch #641 & #642
Citrus Saison Saison Style Ale Brewed with Foraged Citrus 7.5 19 Feb 2015 Batch #643 & #644
Space Age Bachelor Pad Danish Modern Cocktail Party Belgian Style Golden Ale 8.5 27 Feb 2015 Batch #647
Grand Guignol Act 2 Imperial Oatmeal Stout brewed with Blueberries & Coffee 11 26 Feb 2015 Batch #648
Pipework G&T Gin and Tonic Inspired Ale 8 26 Feb 2015 Batch #652


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