Pinning may refer to:

  • Pinning, the effect of certain weapons that cause their targets to be pinned down
  • Pinning ceremony (nursing), a symbolic welcoming of new graduates into the nursing profession
  • Pinning force, a force acting on a pinned object from a pinning center
  • Pinning (modelling), the use of pins to strengthen the joins when assembling large or heavy model kits
  • Pinning points, points in a crystalline material that act to halt a dislocation's movement
  • Grappling hold#Pinning hold, a hold used to control an opponent in grappling
  • Flux pinning, a phenomenon that magnetic flux lines do not move despite the Lorentz force acting on them inside a current-carrying Type II superconductor
  • Percutaneous pinning, a technique used by orthopedic surgeons for the stabilisation of unstable fractures
  • Tree pinning, inserting spikes into trees in order to cause damage to sawmill equipment
  • Zener pinning, the influence of a dispersion of fine particles on the movement of low- and high angle grain boundaries through a polycrystalline material
  • HTTP Public Key Pinning, a security mechanism for HTTPS websites

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