Pinacoteca Querini Stampalia

The Pinacoteca Querini Stampalia is an art collection and museum in Venice, Italy.[1] Situated inside the Palazzo Querini Stampalia, in the sestiere of Castello, on the left bank of the Grand Canal, it includes famous paintings as a self- portrait and Adam and Eve by Palma Giovane, a Sacra Conversazione by Palma Vecchio and a Madonna and Child by Bernardo Strozzi. It also holds prized drawings by Giovanni Bellini, Raphael, Paolo Veronese, Titian, and Tintoretto.

Pinacoteca Querini Stampalia

The picture gallery is displayed within twenty rooms on the second floor of the palace which also contains furniture, a large public library, porcelains and musical instruments, along with works by artists ranging from the 14th-18th century.


The palazzo was renovated from its original state before the 1960s. From 1961–1963, Carlo Scarpa restored parts of the building, while changing others. Scarpa created a series of islands, and allowed the water to come into the lobby space. He also restored the idea of a courtyard garden behind the building, with an abstracted rill fountain. Later additions (1993–2003) are by Mario Botta. The palace also houses the Fondazione Querini Stampalia, which sponsors a prominent library and contemporary art expositions.



Painters Work Date Image
Anonymous genre painter, based on etching of Vincenzo Coronellia, Skaters on frozen lagoon at Fondamenta Nuove in 1708
Giovanni Bellini Madonna & Magi
Giulio Carpioni Banchetto degli Dei (Banquet of the Gods)
Annibale Carracci Self-portrait
Bernardino Castelli Ritrotto di Francesco Falier
Carlo Ceresa Portraits
Federico Cervelli Pan & Siringa
Federico Cervelli Orfeo & Euridice
Federico Cervelli Warrior before architectural plans of a fortress
Lorenzo di Credi
Girolamo Forabosco
Nicoló Frangipane Baccanale (Bacchanal)
Matteo Ghidoni (Matteo dei Pitocchi) Zuffa di Contadini (Peasant Meal)
Matteo Ghidoni (Matteo dei Pitocchi) Il Medico Ciarlatano (Charlatan Doctor or Quack)
Matteo Ghidoni (Matteo dei Pitocchi) Festa Campestre Presso un Castello (Peasants celebrate near castle)
Matteo Ghidoni (Matteo dei Pitocchi) Festa Campestre Presso una Casa (Peasants celebrate near house)
Luca Giordano Leucippo & Democritus
Giovan Battista Langetti Diogenes & Alexander
Pietro Longhi Il Ridotto 1757-60
Pietro Longhi La furlana (Dance of the Furlana) c. 1750-55
Pietro Longhi La famiglia Sagredo (The Sagredo family) c. 1752
Pietro Longhi La lezione di geografia (Geography Lesson) c. 1750-52
Pietro Longhi Sette Sacramenti (7 Sacraments: Baptism, Ordination, Confession, Confirmation, Communion, Marriage, & Extreme Unction 1755-57
Pietro Longhi La frateria di Venezia (Seminary) 1761
Pietro Longhi Le tentazioni di Sant'Antonio (Temptations of St. Anthony) 1761
Pietro Longhi Il casotto del leone (Circus) 1762
Pietro Longhi Scene di cacci (Hunting Scenes) 1765-60
Pietro Longhi La famiglia Michiel (Michiel family portrait c. 1780
Andrea Medulich (Il Schiavone) Conversione Di S. Paolo (Conversion of Saint Paul)
Bartolomeo Nazari Portrait of Cardinal Angelo Maria Querini
Palma il Vecchio Portraits
Palma il Giovane Portrait
Palma il Giovane Donato and Caterino
Marco Ricci Three rustic landscapes
Marco Ricci Armelina
Marco Ricci Portrait of a gentleman
Francesco Rizzo da Santacroce L'adorazione Dei Magi (Adoration by Magi)
Antonio Stom (attributed) La partenza del Bucintoro (Departure of the Bucintoro) 1729  
Antonio Stom (attributed) La Guerra Dei Pugni (Fist-fight on a bridge)
Matthias Stom Military Camp
Bernardo Strozzi Madonna Col Bambino
Alessandro Varotari (Il Padovanino) La Giusticia e la Pace (Allegory of Justice & Peace)
Giambattista Tiepolo Portrait of a Dolfin Procuratore & General of the Sea(?)
Michele Giambono (or Titian) Allegory of Justice and Peace
Sebastiano Ricci Allegories of Dawn, Noon, & Night c.1698
Pietro della Vecchia (Pietro Muttoni). Four idyllic landscapes (Passeggiata, Concerto, Incontro e Congedo degli amanti)


Name Image Titre(s) Date
Antonio Canova   Modulo forLaetitia Bonaparte
Giacomo Cassetti [it]   Cardinal Angelo Maria Querini between 1727 and 1730
Michele Fabris   A Philosopher between 1674 and 1681
Michele Fabris   A Philosopher head covered between 1674 and 1681
Michele Fabris   Bust of St. John the Baptist between 1674 and 1681
Michele Fabris   Young pupil between 1674 and 1681
Michele Fabris   Saint John the Evangelist between 1674 and 1681
Michele Fabris   Philosopher with the bare shoulder between 1674 and 1681
Michele Fabris   Philosopher in the headgear between 1674 and 1681


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