Pinacoteca Civica Fortunato Duranti

The Pinacoteca Civica Fortunato Duranti is a museum in Montefortino, Italy.

The 19th-century painter Fortunato Duranti donated hundreds of items or art and furniture he had collected to the town of Montefortino. The remainder of the collection is displayed in the museum.

Paintings in Pinacoteca Civica Fortunato DurantiEdit

Label Painter Work Date Link
1 Pietro Alemanno Ecce Homo with instruments of passion 15th century
2 Pietro Alemanno Madonna with Child, St. Sebastian, and St. Cosma 15th century
3 Pietro Alemanno St. Lucy 15th century
4 Madonna with Child and two angels 15th century
5 Francesco Botticini Madonna with Child 15th century
6 Nativity 16th century
7 Carlo Dolci Christ crowned with thorns 17th century
8 Flemish or Dutch school Man with turban lights a pipe 17th century
9 Lombard/Veneto school Woman with standard (St. Ursula?) 17th century
10 Still life of fruits 16th–18th centuries
11 Still life of fruits 17th century
12 Cristoforo Munari Still life of fruits with lute and musical score 18th century
13 Giovanni Paolo Castelli (lo Spadino) Still life of fruits with glassware and biscotti 18th century
14 Giovanni Paolo Castelli (lo Spadino) Still life of fruits 18th century
15 Giovanni Paolo Castelli (lo Spadino) Still life of fruits 18th century
16 Giovanni Paolo Castelli (lo Spadino) Still life of fruits 18th century [1]
17 Giovanni Paolo Castelli (lo Spadino) Still life of fruits with two pigeons 18th century
18 Giovanni Paolo Castelli (lo Spadino) Still life of fruits with decorative bowl, two bottles, & wine-glass 18th century
19 Roman School Still life of fruits with pink flowers 16th–18th centuries
20 Neapolitan School Still life with fish 16th–18th centuries
21 Central Italian School Still life with flower vase 17th century
22 Roman School Veduta of Piazza del Popolo (Rome) 16th–18th centuries
23 Roman School Veduta of the Pantheon with belltowers 18th century
24 Alessio de Marchis (attributed) Landscape, rocky and with pedestrians 18th century
25 Alessio de Marchis (attributed) Landscape of river with pedestrians 18th century
26 Pietro da Cortona Madonna with Child and St. Martina 17th century
27 School of Emilia Holy Family 17th century
28 Madonna with Child 18-20th centuries
29 Holy Family 18th century
30 Corrado Giaquinto Circe (?) 18th century
31 Corrado Giaquinto Birth of the Virgin Mary 18th century
32 Corrado Giaquinto St. Nicolas blesses warriors 18th century
33 Corrado Giaquinto Hagar and Ishmael 18th century
34 Corrado Giaquinto Mosè receives commandments 18th century
35 Corrado Giaquinto Trinity 18th century
36 Roman School Alexander the Great in temple of Jerusalem 18th century
37 Roman School St. John evangelist contemplates Virgin Mary's coronation 18th century
38 Roman School Education of Virgin Mary and angels 18th century
39 Unknown Putto with skull 17th century
40 Unknown Putto with plume and palette 17th century
41 Faun/ girl with mirror/ sleeping girl 18th century
42 Roman School Holy Family and St. John 18th century
43 Cristoforo Unterberger St Ponziano in Lion’s den 18th century
44 Cristoforo Unterberger Saints Ignatius & Filippo Neri 18th century
45 Cristoforo Unterberger St. Ubaldo intercedes with Madonna and Child for the orphans 18th century
46 Cristoforo Unterberger St. Sebastian & maidens 18th century
47 Cristoforo Unterberger Christ at prayer in garden (Gesthemane) 18th century
48 Cristoforo Unterberger Flagellation of Christ 18th century
50 Cristoforo Unterberger Assumption of the Madonna 18th century
51 Cristoforo Unterberger Madonna at the foot of cross 18th century
52 Cristoforo Unterberger Madonna at foot of cross and angel with instruments of the Passion 18th century
53 Ignazio Unterberger Triumph of Bacchus 18th century
54 Roman School St. Anthony of Padua & Madonna with Child 18th century
55 Roman School Christ: Deposition from the Cross 18th century
56 Fortunato Duranti Self-portrait 19th century
57 Fortunato Duranti Madonna with Child ' 19th century
58 Fortunato Duranti Holy Family with St. John 19th century
59 Fortunato Duranti Holy Family 19th century
60 Nicola d'Ancona St. Lucy, St. Anthony of Padua, and St. Bernard of Siena 14th–16th centuries
61 Pier Francesco Fiorentino Madonna with child, San Michael Archangel, and St. Raphael with Tobias 15th century
62 Marchigian School Madonna with Child Blessing e San Michele Archangel (fragment) 15th century (?) [2]
63 Praneda Ludovico Madonna 19th century
64 Unknown Madonna reading prayer book

Drawings by Fortunato Duranti in PinacotecaEdit

Label Work Link
1 Madonna with Child (drawing) [3]
2 Battle scene with infantry & knights (drawing) [4]
3 Study of Funerary urn with three mourners
4 Nativity
5 Genre Scene in front of the entrance to a building [5]
6 Madonna with Child enthroned and a Saint
7 Pagan Scenes(?)
8 Bust of old man in 1500s costume
9 Nativity indoors
10 Study of two figures dressed in ancient garb
11 Female saint playing the lute with other saints and two putti
12 Rest during flight to Egypt
13 Madonna with Child, St. John, and angel
14 Madonna with Child in Landscape with castle & fantastic animals
15 Holy Family, Sant'Anna, and St. John
16 Veduta of the Campidoglio stairs
17 Study of six heads and masks/ Landscape
18 Madonna Child, Joseph, & St. John/ Madonna enthroned with female Saint & musical angel
19 Study of five nudes, two amphora, and dove [6]
20 Study of five putti (recto)/ Study of three putti (verso)
21 Madonna with Child
22 Madonna with Child
23 Woman playing lute
24 Three female nudes
25 Northern Landscape with knights and two male figures [7]
26 Pagan Scene with four male figures and oxen [8]
27 Madonna with Child
28 Series of female nudes, a male nude, with Venus
29 Male nude with panneggio
30 Madonna with Child painted by St. Luke (front)/ Nativity (back)
31 Painter’s studio
32 Series of six figures one sitting atop with panoply
33 Madonna with Child sitting on acanthus with two horses
34 Madonna with Child in glory, Saints Peter and Paul
35 Head of a classical statue
36 1800s
38 Study of three women’s heads
39 Two studies of Madonna with Child and St. John
40 Young saint leaning on sphere with foot on serpent, oxen skull, amphora
41 Rest during flight to Egypt [9]
42 Allegorical figure/St. Raphael Archangel & Tobias
43 Hermit saint and two angels
44 Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise (?) (drawing) [10]
45 Classic scene with four figures(drawing)
46 Christ preaching to crowds (drawing)
47 Four dancing women (drawing) [11]
48 Classic scene
49 Madonna with Child and angels (drawing)
50 Classic scene with female figure
51 Study of nine feminine figures
52 Female nudes in with fantastic landscape
Religious scene with preachers
54 Madonna with child
Head of Silenus
56 Holy scene with preacher (Christ?)
57 Madonna with Child
Classic scene with two figures
59 Rest during flight to Egypt with St. John
60 Deposition with Madonna & St. John the evangelist
61 Apparition of child Jesus to St. Anthony of Padua
Christ preaching to people
63 Holy Family
64 Madonna with Child
65 Christ Blessing
66 Holy Family
67 Holy Family
Last Judgement [12]
69 Study of male and female nudes
Male nude (recto)/ Male nude (verso)
71 Feminine figure and putto
Madonna with Child in a lunette [13]
Dramatic scene (martyrdom) with column [14]
74 Madonna with Child
Church with figure
76 Madonna with Child
77 Male nude
78 Kneeling man picking up fruit for basket and knight [15]
Madonna with Child
80 Angel, mirror and fasces [16]
Nude female combing hair [17]
82 Biblical scene (?)
83 Woman with knight
84 Madonna with Child, St. John & 2 Saints/ Madonna with Child enthroned with female Saint
85 Figures inside church [18]
86 Madonna with Child
87 Madonna with Child & St. John
88 Madonna with Child
89 Seated man (Marchigian drawing) [19]
90 Apparition of the Madonna with Child and Saint (Marchigian drawing) [20]


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