Pilawit'u is a Bolivian lake located in Vacas Municipality, Arani Province, Cochabamba Department. The last four thousand years of environmental and vegetation change has been recently reconstructed from the lake sediments of Pilawit'u (Lake Challacaba)[1]

Vacas, Laguna Pilawit'u.JPG
Pilawit'u is located in Bolivia
LocationCono Sur, Vacas Municipality, Cochabamba Department, Arani Province
Coordinates17°35′50″S 65°34′10″W / 17.59722°S 65.56944°W / -17.59722; -65.56944
Basin countriesBolivia
Surface area2.0 km2 (0.77 sq mi)
Surface elevation3,407 m (11,178 ft)
SettlementsVacas, Pilawit'u, Parirun

The main tributaries of Pilawit'u are Chiwalaki, Challa Q'awa, Muña Mayu and Phaqcha Pata Mayu whose tributaries are T'utura Mayu, Phaqcha Pata and the Phaqcha River. Its surface area is 2.0 km2 (0.77 sq mi).[2]

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