Pig Hill (Mount Kinabalu)

Coordinates: 6°01′N 116°36′E / 6.017°N 116.600°E / 6.017; 116.600

Pig Hill is an ultramafic area situated at approximately 2000 m above sea level on the southeastern side of Mount Kinabalu in Kinabalu National Park, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.[1] It is located to the east of Mesilau, some 4 hours' walk from the Mesilau Nature Resort.[1] A number of pitcher plant species are found on Pig Hill, including N. burbidgeae (1900–1950 m), N. rajah (1950–2320 m), and the natural hybrid between the two, N. × alisaputrana (1930–1950 m).[2] Nepenthes tentaculata has also been recorded from Pig Hill.[1] The local fauna includes the stick insect Dajaca chani.[3]

Nepenthes rajah growing in montane grassland on Pig Hill


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