Pietro di Miniato

Pietro di Miniato or Pietro di San Miniato (c. 1366 - 1430-46) was an Italian painter, active in Florence and Prato, in a Gothic style.[1] He collaborated with a relative Antonio di Miniato di Piero, likely his son, active circa 1430 in and around Prato.[2] Among the works attributed to him are a painted crucifix in the St Louis Museum of Art,[3][4] a polyptych in the Museo Civico of Prato, a painted mural in the church of San Niccolò in Prato, and a mural in the Chapel of San Stefano of the Duomo di Prato, depicting the Virgin and child flanked by saints.[5]

Partial fresco depicting Martyrdom of St Sebastian in Sant'Ambrogio, Florence

An Annunciation in Santa Maria Novella, Florence, long unattributed, is now identified as the work of Pietro di Miniato.


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