Pietra Brewery

Pietra, which means "stone" in Italian (petra is the Corsican equivalent), and is also known as "A biera corsa", is a brand of beer from the Mediterranean French island of Corsica.

Pietra Brewery
Pietra et verre plein.jpg
Pietra Brewery logo
LocationRoute de La Marana
Annual production volume25,000 hectolitres (21,000 US bbl)[1]
Active beers
Name Type
Pietra Amber Beer
Colomba White Beer
Serena Pure Malt Blond Beer


The Pietra Brewery opened in 1996. The name "Pietra" comes from Pietraserena, the Corsican home village of the Brewery's founder.

Pietra beer is a 6% ABV amber beer, brewed from a mix of malt and chestnut flour. Chestnuts have always been used in Corsica as a cereal, but it was necessary to carry out studies for many years to validate the qualities of chestnut flour. The high fermentability of chestnuts helps to maintain the beer's head and gives Pietra beer its golden colour.

The annual production of Pietra beer is over 25,000 hectolitres.[1]

Other beers brewed by PietraEdit

  • Serena (5% ABV) has a very light head and is just slightly bitter.
  • Colomba is an un-pasteurized[2] white beer perfumed with herbes du maquis (strawberry tree, myrtle, cistus, and juniper).

Corsica ColaEdit

Pietra brewery has also produced Corsica Cola, a non-alcoholic soft drink, since 2003.


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