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Pierre Pomet

Pierre Pomet (April 2, 1658November 18, 1699) was a French pharmacist.



He was born in Paris. After learning, he travelled in Italia, Germany, Great Britain and Netherlands where he collected specimens, recipes, and knowledge.[1] He came back in Paris and opened a drug shop.

He quickly established himself as a successful pharmacist and taught to explain the manufacturing of his products. He became the chief druggist to Louis XIV and purveyor of medicinal remedies from distant lands, including sugar and coffee.[2]

He regularly published an index of the simple and compound drugs of his rich collection and the description of his cabinet of curiosities.

In 1694, he published the Histoire générale des drogues (General History of Drugs) with about 400 engraved images. His text was translated into German and English in 1712 and widely circulated.[3]

He died in Paris in 1699.


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