Pierre Joffroy

Pierre Joffroy (born 1929 in Hayange, France) is a French author, dramaturge and journalist who wrote for Paris Match, Libération and L'Express. At present he lives in Paris.

In France Joffroy released numerous novels, stage plays and articles.

For a period of 30 years he worked on a biography of Kurt Gerstein before he finally released the book A Spy for God, which deals with Kurt Gerstein's story and the decades of the author's research.

Within the framework of an interview with Deutschlandfunk(DLF) the French author declared, that he considered Kurt Gerstein to be "one of the most important persons of World War II".


  • Un séjour à Alcatraz, novel 1965
  • Les Prétendants, novella 1966
  • 1416 ou Punition, stage play 1971
  • Parfait Amour, novel 1986.
  • A Spy for God, 2002


Pierre Joffroy, Le retour des bourreaux in : Paris Match, Nr. 831, Paris, 13 March 1965, S. 3–5, 7, 9. (deals with the process of Munich, 1965)

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