Pierangelo Garegnani

Pierangelo Garegnani (1930–2011) was an Italian economist and professor of the University of Rome III.[1] He was the Director of the Fondazione Centro Piero Sraffa di Studi e Documenti at the Federico Caffè School of Economics, and also the literary executor of the works, documents and papers left by the eminent Italian economist Piero Sraffa to the University of Cambridge's Wren Library. Professor Garegnani has been one of the leading theoretical critics of neoclassical economics. He has published several books and articles concerning the classical economic theory, from Ricardo to Sraffa, as an alternative theoretical foundation to analyse the capitalist economy. An account of his contributions was published by the Royal Economic Society.[2]

Pierangelo Garegnani
Born9 August 1930
Died14 October 2011 (2011-10-15) (aged 81)
Career information
School or
Neo-Ricardian school
Alma materUniversity of Pavia, University of Cambridge
InfluencesPiero Sraffa
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Further readingEdit

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