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Piera Observatory

Piera Observatory (Catalan: Observatori Astronomic de Piera) is an astronomical observatory located in Piera, Catalonia, with the IAU observatory code 165.[1]

Piera Observatory
Observatory code 165 Edit this on Wikidata
LocationPiera, Catalonia, Spain
Coordinates41°31′17″N 1°45′19″E / 41.5215°N 1.7553°E / 41.5215; 1.7553Coordinates: 41°31′17″N 1°45′19″E / 41.5215°N 1.7553°E / 41.5215; 1.7553 Edit this at Wikidata
Piera Observatory is located in Spain
Piera Observatory
Location of Piera Observatory

It takes part in the Unicorn Project with the Ametlla de Mar Observatory and Costitx Observatory. One of its first discoveries was the asteroid 1999 YZ8 (by Joan Guarro), now 13868 Catalonia. Josep Comas Solá's discovery, nearly 70 years earlier, of 1930 SB was initially supposed to be named Catalonia, but political pressure from the Francoist regime then in power made this impossible. Solá finally named it 1188 Gothlandia instead, from the ancient Frankish name for Catalonia, Gothland or Gotia.


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