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php[architect] is a magazine dedicated to PHP programming language. It was founded in 2002 by Marco Tabini and his group The BlueParabola.[1] php[architect] began as a printed magazine, but went digital-only in 2009 due to the high cost of print media. The magazine is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia.[2] In December 2012, the magazine was acquired by, LLC,[1] and later that year returned to print publication using a print-on-demand system.[3] The company also runs online training courses and conferences[4] and has published numerous manuals and textbooks on PHP programming.

Php architect
Php architect logo.png
Editor-in-ChiefOscar Merida
Categoriesprogramming, computers
Year founded2002
Final issue2009 (print), LLC
CountryUnited States
Based inAlexandria, Virginia


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  • Sweat, Jason (2005). PHP/architect's guide to PHP design patterns. Toronto: Marco Tabini & Associates. ISBN 978-0-9735898-2-5.
  • Alshanetsky, Ilia (2005). PHP/architect's guide to PHP security. Toronto: Marco Tabini & Associates. ISBN 978-0-9738621-0-2.
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  • Evans, Cal (2008). PHP/architect's guide to programming with Zend Framework. Toronto, ON: Marco Tabini. ISBN 978-0-9738621-5-7.
  • Priebsch, Stefan (2008). PHP/architect's guide to PHP Migration. Toronto, ON: Marco Tabini. ISBN 978-09738621-9-5.
  • Rethans, Derick (2009). PHP architect's guide to date and time programming. Toronto: Marco Tabini & Associates. ISBN 978-0-9810345-0-8.


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