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Phonology is a British peer-reviewed journal of phonology published by Cambridge University Press, the only journal devoted exclusively to this subfield of linguistics. The current editors are Prof. Colin J. Ewen (Leiden University) and Prof. Ellen Kaisse (University of Washington). The volumes from 1997 on are available electronically with subscription via the site of the publisher.

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Edited byColin J. Ewen
Ellen Kaisse
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Cambridge University Press (United Kingdom)
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ISSN0952-6757 (print)
1469-8188 (web)

Now published three times a year, in its first three years (1984–1987) it appeared once a year under the name Phonology Yearbook.

Most cited articlesEdit

As of January 2011, the top 5 most cited articles were (Note that the years indicate "online publication"; so Clements 2008 is, for example, actually Clements 1985, when it was first published in paper format):[1]

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