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Philips Hue is a line of Wi-Fi-enabled color changing LED lamps and white bulbs created by Philips. It was introduced in October 2012 and was updated in both 2015 and 2016.

Philips Hue
Philips hue logo.png
Type A19 LED lamp
Manufacturer Philips
Available Yes
Models made Generation 1
October 29, 2012; 5 years ago (2012-10-29)
Generation 2
October 4, 2015; 2 years ago (2015-10-04)
Generation 3
October 2, 2016; 17 months ago (2016-10-02)
Philips Hue first-generation hub and two LED color-changing light bulbs


Concept and DesignEdit

The Hue system was released in October 2012 as an Apple Store exclusive.[1] The Hue system was marketed as the first iOS controlled lighting appliance.[2] It uses the Zigbee lighting protocol to communicate, and can be controlled via smartphone apps over Wi-Fi via a Zigbee–Wi‑Fi bridge.[1] The initial system had bulbs capable of producing up to 600 lumens while the newer systems have bulbs that shine up to 800 lumens. The newer system also features HomeKit compatibility.[3]

Security concernsEdit

Security issues have been noted in the product including an issue in which the bulbs were able to be remotely controlled over the Internet by attackers with inexpensive equipment. In another proof-of-concept, researchers were able to remotely control light bulbs using a drone flying outside a window.[4]


In an article in Forbes, Sath Porges called Phillips Hue the "best product of 2012".[2] PC Magazine reviewed the white variation and named it as an editors' choice and said it was bright and affordable and had lots of features.[5]


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