Philippe de Toucy

Philippe de Toucy (died 12 January 1277) was a French Crusader nobleman.

Seal and counterseal. His arms are based on those of France.

He was the son of Narjot de Toucy, a senior lord of the Latin Empire of Constantinople, and a daughter of the Byzantine lord Theodore Branas and Agnes of France, Byzantine empress-dowager and a daughter of Louis VII of France. Like his father before him, Philippe served as regent of the Latin Empire during the absence of Emperor Baldwin II of Constantinople to Western Europe in 1243–48. Following the recapture of Constantinople by the Greek Empire of Nicaea in 1261, Philippe fled to France, where he apparently joined the entourage of Charles of Anjou; at any rate he re-appears as Admiral of the Kingdom of Sicily under Charles in 1273.

From his marriage to Portia de Roye, he had two sons:


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