Vojvoda Petrilo (Serbian: Војвода Петрило) was an 11th-century Serbian voivode (military commander[1]) of the Serbian King Constantine Bodin.[1]


Bodin was crowned as Emperor of Bulgaria in 1072 and was set to conquer the Byzantine territories of Bulgarian interest together with Georgi Voyteh (in the so-called Uprising of Georgi Voyteh or Slav Uprising in Pomoravlje in Serbian).[1]

Petrilo led a 300-strong army towards the south, into Macedonia, and took Ohrid where the townspeople greeted him as their liberator and Devol (Kavadarci[according to whom?]) which surrendered.[2] He was stopped by Byzantine troops and locals at Kastoria led by a Byzantine general (of Bulgarian origin[1]) that defeated him, making Petrilo return to Duklja.[1][3]


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