Petri Lindroos

Petri Lindroos (born 10 January 1980 in Espoo, Finland) is a melodic death/folk metal guitarist and vocalist. He is currently the lead vocalist in Ensiferum and, prior to this, was a founder and lead vocalist for Norther.

Petri Lindroos
Petri Lindroos performing at the Evolution Festival in 2006.
Petri Lindroos performing at the Evolution Festival in 2006.
Background information
Also known asPete
Born (1980-01-10) 10 January 1980 (age 40)
Espoo, Finland
OriginHelsinki, Finland
GenresMelodic death metal
Folk metal
Viking metal
InstrumentsGuitar, vocals, banjo
Years active1996–present
Associated actsEnsiferum
WebsiteNorther's Website
Ensiferum's Website


At 14 years old, Petri (also known as "Pete") began to play the guitar. In 1996 he founded the melodic death metal band Norther with drummer Toni Hallio. In 2004, he joined the folk metal/Viking metal band Ensiferum as lead vocalist and continued to perform and record with Norther until March 3, 2009, when Norther's official website announced his departure from the band to focus more on his duties with Ensiferum. Petri said later in an interview that he did not want to quit the band, and on the contrary, the band members forced him to.[1]

In 2008, Lindroos fell sick and was subsequently unable to perform on the planned Russian tour. For the duration of the tour, bass player Sami Hinkka took over Lindroos' vocals while ex-bassist Jukka-Pekka Miettinen filled in as a sessional guitarist.


  • Ibanez RG3550MZ (Galaxy Black Finish)
  • Jackson Soloist SL2H (Copper Snakeskin Finish)
  • Kramer Baretta II Pro (24 frets, Seymour Duncan pickups)
  • Jackson Dinky
  • Jim Dunlop Jazz III picks
  • Jackson Dx10d, seen in the "Mirror of Madness" video.


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