Peter dalle Carceri

Peter dalle Carceri (Italian: Pietro dalle Carceri, died 1340) was a Triarch of Euboea and Baron of Arcadia. He was son of Grapozzo dalle Carceri and Beatrice of Verona, both Lords of Euboea.

According to a conjecture by Karl Hopf, he married first with a daughter from the first marriage of George I Ghisi, Lord of Tinos and Mykonos; however this hypothesis is rejected by Loenertz.[1]

In 1324, Peter is attested as lord of half of the Barony of Arcadia in the Principality of Achaea, and it is usually assumed that this came about as a result of a second marriage to Balzana Gozzadini, the widow of Baron Erard II of Aulnay. Balzana died soon after.[2]

He died in 1340 and he was succeeded by his son Giovanni, who was the only son of the second marriage.


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