Peter Quesnel

Peter Quesnel (or Quesuel) (d. 1299?) was an English Franciscan friar who became the warden of the Franciscan house at Norwich, England. Quesnel held a high reputation as a "theologian and doctor of the canon law", and was the author of Directorium Juris in Foro Conscientiæ et Juridiciali.


Quesnel's work is divided into four books:

  • De summa Trinitate et fide Catholica, et de septem Sacramentis;
  • De iisdem Sacramentis ministrandis et accipiendis;
  • De Criminibus quæ a Sacramentis impediunt et de pœnis iisdem injungendis;
  • De iis quæ ad jus spectant ordinate dirigendis.

(Little, Greyfriars at Oxford, p. 224 n. 1, Oxf. Hist. Soc.).[1]


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