Peter Hemmel of Andlau

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Peter Hemmel of Andlau (c. 1420–1506) was a late Gothic stained glass artist, whose workshop in Strasbourg was active between 1447 and 1501. Sometimes working alone and sometimes in collaboration with other stained-glass artists in the city, it mainly supplied religious buildings in what is now Austria, southern and eastern Germany, eastern France and northern Italy, though none of Hemmel's windows survive in Andlau itself.

The Resurrected Christ - detail from the Council Window of 1480 in Ulm Minster.
Detail from the 1480 Guilds Window in Ulm Minster, showing the Visitation.

Hemmel was born in Andlau, now in the Bas-Rhin region of France, but became a citizen of Strasbourg as well as a landowner and counsellor. A document of 1466 refers to him marrying the widow of the painter Hans Hirtz.[1] He died in Strasbourg.

Hemmel used templates drawing on the work of Rogier van der Weyden and Martin Schongauer. He used two-coloured and shaded glass in bright iron reds, bright blues, black-enamel and silver-yellow (produced with silver salts) to reproduce brocades, textiles and faces. He is also notable for his attention to details, such as in animals and plants, as seen in the Guilds Window in Ulm Minster.



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