Peter (chief mouser)

Peter was the second Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office of the United Kingdom government, serving between 1929 and 1946. Peter is often regarded as being the first to hold the position, as his predecessor, Treasury Bill, held the role for less than a year, and does not appear to have been officially given the title.[1]

Peter (chief mouser).jpg
Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office
In office
Serving with Treasury Bill (1929—1930's)
MonarchGeorge V
Edward VIII
George VI
Prime MinisterRamsay MacDonald
Stanley Baldwin
Neville Chamberlain
Winston Churchill
Clement Attlee
Preceded byTreasury Bill
Succeeded byPeter II
Personal details
ResidenceHome Office

In 1929 the Treasury agreed to allow one penny daily for the upkeep of Peter. He is described as being a black cat, already resident at the Home Office at this stage. The spending bill was not agreed upon due to Peter being neglected, it was noticed that Civil servants had been bringing Peter food causing him to neglect his duties.[2]

This new diet proved effective, as the levels of rodents caught increased, and it was remarked that when the Home Office was relocated to Bournemouth during World War II that his services were missed so much that they applied for allowances for the upkeep of two cats.[3]


Preceded by
Treasury Bil
Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office
Succeeded by
Munich Mouser