Petar Vukotić

Petar Vukotić (Serbian Cyrillic: Петар Вукотић, 1826–1907) was a Montenegrin voivode who participated in the Montenegrin–Ottoman War (1852–53) and Montenegrin–Ottoman War (1876–78), notably at the great victory at Vučji Do (18 July 1876).

Petar Vukotić.


Born in Ozrinići, he was the son of Montenegrin serdar Stevan Perkov Vukotić. With Jelena Vojvodić born in village of Viš Danilovgrad-Montenegro, he had the sons Šale, Matan and Šćepan (nicknamed Šarac), and daughter Milena. He was one of the greatest landowners in Montenegro and a close friend of Vojvoda Mirko Petrović-Njegoš with whom he had fought in the wars of the 1850s.[1] The two friends decided to consolidate their alliance with the union of their children.[1] In 1853, Milena, age only six, was betrothed to Mirko's only son, Nikola, age twelve. Nikola was the nephew and heir of the childless reigning prince of Montenegro Danilo I.[1] Milena had twelve children. Of them was Elena, who married Victor Emmanuel III of Italy.


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