Perro amor (Colombian TV series)

Perro amor is a Colombian telenovela produced by Cenpro Televisión for Canal Uno, and it started airing on Colombian broadcast channel Canal Uno in February 1998, and concluded in June 1999.[1] It stars Danna García, and Julián Arango.[1]

Perro amor
DVD poster
Created byJuana Uribe
Written by
  • Natalia Ospina
  • Andrés Salgado
Directed bySergio Osorio
Creative directorAmparo Gutiérrez
Theme music composerNicolás Uribe
Country of originColombia
Original languageSpanish
Executive producerManuel Peñaloza
CinematographyEduardo Carreño
  • Adriana Falla
  • Guillermo Florez
  • Jairo Franco
Production companyCenpro Televisión
Original release
NetworkCanal Uno
Perro amor

After the success of the telenovela in its original broadcast, it was retransmitted on 19 October 2000 on Canal Uno,[2] and since then it has not been retransmitted.[3] In 2010 an adaptation with the same name was made for the United States, which premiered on Telemundo and starred Carlos Ponce.[4]



The story revolves around Antonio Brando (Julián Arango) and Sofía Santana (Danna García), both strangers who know each other after Antonio decided to place a bet with his cousin.




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