Permanent Representative of Belarus to the United Nations

This is a list of the Permanent Representatives of Belarus to the United Nations. Permanent Representative is a head of the permanent mission of Belarus to the United Nations. The current office holder is Valentyn Rybakov, since August 7, 2017.

Permanent Representative of Belarus Valentyn Rybakov
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Valentyn Rybakov

since 2017
FormationOctober 24, 1945
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26 June 1945 was signed the Charter of the United Nations and came into force on 24 October 1945. The Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic was among the first countries that signed the United Nations Charter, becoming a founding member of the United Nations among 51 countries.

Until 1958 the permanent mission of Byelorussia was led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs rather than the permanent representative.

Since Belarusine's independence in August 1991, membership in the United Nations is a priority of Belarusine's foreign policy.

Permanent Mission CompositionEdit

The permanent mission of Belarus consists of permanent representative, three counsellors (one of which is a permanent representative deputy) and a military adviser. The permanent mission also includes about 10 various secretaries and attaches.

Permanent Representatives of the Republic of Belarus to the United NationsEdit

  Permanent Representative of Belarus to the United Nations
Permanent Representative Date
Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic (1920–1991) •  
Feodosiy Hryaznov (1958—1961)[1]
Pavel Astapenko (1961—1964)
Herodotus Chernushchenko (1964—1967)
Vitaly Smirnov (1967—1974)[citation needed]
Herodotus Chernushchenko (1974—1977)
Leonid Dovguchits (1977—1980)
Anatoliy Shleidov (1980—1986)
Lev Maksimov (1986—1990)[citation needed]
Republic of Belarus (1991-present) •  
Hienadz Buraukin (1990—1994)[2]
Alexander Sichov (1994—2000)[3]
Sergey Ling (2000—2002)[4]
Andrei Dapkiunas (2004—2017)[5][6]
Valentin Rybakov (since 2017)[7]


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