Tu Ángel de la Guarda

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Tu Ángel de la Guarda (Your guardian angel) is Gloria Trevi's second album, and it contained one of her signature songs and her most widely known hit, "Pelo Suelto". It also contained other hit songs such as "Tu angel de la guarda", "Ya no", "Virgen de las virgenes", and "Hoy me ire de casa". This album was very controversial different from other artists' albums such as Lucero. "Virgen de las virgenes" mocked girls who said they were virgins but had actually lost their virginity, and "¡Ya no!" went against the machismo movement of México. Following the release of the album, Gloria was working hard in promoting radio, television and print media. Trevi first traveled abroad visiting American Union countries, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Venezuela, Costa Rica, and received a Gold and Platinum for high sales achieved.

Tu Ángel de la Guarda
Tuangeldelaguardia CD.PNG
Studio album by
ReleasedMay 29, 1991 (1991-05-29) (Mexico)
StudioMilagro Sound Recorders, Glendale, CA.
GenrePop rock, alternative pop
ProducerSergio Andrade
Gloria Trevi chronology
¿Qué Hago Aquí?
Tu Ángel de la Guarda
Me Siento Tan Sola

This album sold around 2,800,000 copies in Mexico, which was ranked tenth of the best selling albums of all time in the country.[1]

Track listingEdit

1."Pelo Suelto"Mary Morin3:29
2."Virgen de las Vírgenes"Gloria Treviño3:29
3."Tu Ángel de la Guarda"Gloria Treviño4:00
4."Jei! (Escucha)"Gloria Treviño2:36
5."Ya No!"Gloria Treviño3:30
6."Jack el Reprobador"Gloria Treviño3:12
7."Agárrate"Gloria Treviño3:01
8."Hoy me Iré de Casa"Gloria Treviño4:20
9."La Pasabas bien Conmigo"Oscar Mancilla3:41
10."(Como si Fuera) La Primera Vez"Gloria Treviño3:54
11."Amor Apache"Gloria Treviño3:31
12."Siempre Yo"Gloria Treviño3:31


  • "Pelo suelto"
  • "Tu ángel de la guarda"
  • "Agárrate"
  • "Hoy me iré de casa"


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