Pedro el escamoso

Pedro el Escamoso is a popular telenovela filmed in Colombia and produced by the Colombian network, Caracol TV (Cadena Radial Colombiana – "Colombian Radio Network").

Pedro el escamoso
GenreTelenovela, comedy, drama
Written byLuis Felipe Salamanca
Dago García
Directed byJuan Carlos Villamizar
Narrated byMiguel Varoni
Music byEl pirulino (Broadcast in Venezuela) (composed by Calixto Ochoa, played by The Golden Boys
Opening theme"La Hormiguita" by Juan Luis Guerra
Ending theme"La Hormiguita" by Juan Luis Guerra
Country of originColombia
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes327 (list of episodes)
Executive producerJuan Andrés Flores
ProducersLuis Felipe Salamanca
Dago García
Production locationsColombia
Production companyCaracol Televisión
Original networkCaracol Televisión
Original release19 April 2001 (2001-04-19) –
23 February 2003 (2003-02-23)

This novela is about a tacky, overly confident but charming macho man who comes from a small town in Colombia. Fleeing a problem with "skirts," Pedro moves to the capital (Bogotá) to find his fortune and encounters a series of events and people that change his life dramatically. Pedro is the epitome of a man who can get all the women he wants, but can't get the one he loves. "Escamoso," a Colombian colloquialism for someone who thinks he's "all that," is the perfect descriptor for Pedro, a smooth-talking, expression-spewing show-off ladykiller with a huge ego and a huge heart to match.


The story of Pedro Coral Tavera (Miguel Varoni) is animated, colorful, funny, heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time. He is not the typical gallant protagonist; he is not rich, he is not handsome, he does not dress well, he thinks he is a good dancer. Upon arrival in the big city, Pedro 'stumbles' on and immediately falls in love with Paula Dávila (Sandra Reyes), and in less than 48 hours he ends up being her driver and confidant. Not only that, he also becomes the main livelihood of the Pacheco family, made up exclusively of 3 very lively and strong-willed women who have just lost their beloved husband/father. And so, Pedrito Coral finds himself in the perfect setting to perform and display his scales. He creates his own universe, full of big lies, but with good intentions. And, in the end, this recalcitrant seducer ends up being the key person in the life of every human being who crosses his path, spreading joy, kindness and friendship with his 'smile from ear to ear' and his particular way of dressing, speaking and moving.



In order of appearance in the intro

Actor / Actress Character
Miguel Varoni Pedro Coral Tavera
Javier Gómez César Luis Freydell
Sandra Reyes Paula Davila
Aura Helena Prada Mónica Ferreira
Jairo Camargo Alirio Alberto Perafán Rocha de Francisco
Álvaro Bayona Pastor Fernando Gaitán García
Alina Lozano Nidia Estela Pataquiva Vda. de Pacheco
Martha Osorio Ana Dávila Serna
Marcela Mar Mayerli del Carmen Pacheco Pataquiva
Andrea Guzmán Yadira del Pilar Pacheco Pataquiva
Juan Carlos Arango Enrique Bueno Lindo
Fernando Solórzano René Martín Lara
Inés Oviedo Lydia Sánchez #1
Bibiana Navas Lydia Sánchez #2


In alphabetical order

Artist Character Role
Adriana Osorio Marina Medina César and Mónica's Maid
Carlos Kajú Pedrito Coral Jr. Pedro's Son
Diego Ramos[1] Sandro Billycich Freydell's New Boss
Enrique Carriazo Lorenzo De la Espriella Pedrito Coral Jr.'s Teacher
Fernando Arévalo Gustavo "El Pote" Angarita García Pastor Gaitán's Half-brother
Paola Charry[2] Laura Vélez Monica's cousin and Pedro's crush
Sofia Silva[3] Cristina García Méndez Amiguita de Pedrito Coral Jr
Wilson Rangel Julio Gutiérrez Best friend of Perafán and best man of his and Nidia's wedding

Special actsEdit

Artist Character Role
Alexander Palacios Doctor Attended Mrs. Pastora Garcia
Alexandra Restrepo Marlen Chavéz Daughter of Aldemar and in love with Pedro
Amparo Conde Delfina Pataquiva Cousin of Nidia Pacheco
Andrés Huertas Motta Andrés Huertas Priest friend of César Luis
Cristian Gómez Alberto Gómez Former Commercial Vice President of Industrias Freydell and accessory to the embezzlement at Industrias Freydell.
Héctor Rivas Aldemar Chavez Marlen's father, Sigifredo and Heriberto
Manolo Cardona El Paisa Pedro's friend and countryman
Manuel Pachón Doctor Pablo Monica's Doctor
Maurizio Konde Commander Garcia Chief of Police Parks
Luis Fernando Múnera Juan Pacheco Pacheco and Paula's father
Julio César Luna Hugo Horacio Billycich Sandro's father
Manolo Orjuela Carlos "Carlangas" Friend of Pedro in San Pablo
Yesenia Valencia Pedrito's teacher Teacher in San Pablo
Carlos Hurtado Professor Guillermo Castro Inocencia's husband and Yadira's lover
Luis Eduardo Motoa Gustavo Martínez Monica's husband in Miami
Orlando Valenzuela Sigifredo Chavéz Brother of Heriberto and Marlen
Liliana Escobar Inocencia Sabogal Night School Teacher
Andrés Felipe Martínez Alberto Debt collector
Juan Carlos Pérez Almanza Angarita's Employee (Caravina) Gustavo Angarita's employee in Corabas
Morella Zuleta Shirley Lorena Pelaez (Miss Finlandia) Participant of the reign of the mangosteen
Astrid Junguito Pepita De la Espriella Wife of Lorenzo de la Espriella
Herbert King Heriberto Chavéz Brother of Sigifredo and Marlen
Nadia Rowinsky Susana Recoba Mangosteen Trader
John Ceballos Albeiro Laura's ex-boyfriend
Johanna Trujillo[4] Paulina Heriberto's ex-wife and Pedro's fictitious girlfriend
Teresa Gutiérrez Pastora García De Gaitán Pastor and Gustavo's mother
Rodolfo Silva Freydell Attorney
Karlos Granada Don Braulio

Special guestsEdit

Celebrities or characters who acted like themselves

Artist Occupation Role
Anny Cadena Independent Artist Crossover with Expedición Robinson 2001
Catalina Jaimes Graphic design student
Hernán Orjuela Buenaventura Presenter Crossover with Sábados Felices
Galy Galiano Singer He serenaded Dr. Paula
Lorena Zuleta Volleyball player Crossover with Expedición Robinson 2001
Los Visconti Argentine duo
Luisa Bejarano Law student Crossover with Expedición Robinson 2001
Marlon Restrepo Rap singer
Mauricio Arango Architecture professor
Mónica Londoño Social communication student
Pedro Luis Falla Mathematical
Rafael Barrera Businessman
Ramón Trujillo Model
Rolando Patarroyo Brazier

Awards and nominationsEdit

TVyNovelas AwardsEdit

Year Category Nominated Result
2002 Best Telenovela Pedro el Escamoso Winner
Best Favorite Leading Actor Miguel Varoni Winner
Best Favorite Leading Actress Sandra Reyes Nominated
Best Favorite Supporting Actress Alina Lozano Winner
Andrea Guzman Nominated
Best Favorite Supporting Actor Álvaro Bayona Winner
Jairo Camargo Nominated
Best Favorite Antagonistic Actor Javier Gómez Winner
Best Libretist Dago García Winner
Best Director Juan Carlos Villamizar Winner

India Catalina AwardsEdit

Year Category Nominated Result
2002 Best Telenovela Pedro el Escamoso Winner
Best Leading Actor Miguel Varoni Winner
Best Leading Actress Sandra Reyes Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Alina Lozano Winner
Best Supporting Actor Álvaro Bayona Nominated
Best Script Dago García Winner
Best Director Juan Carlos Villamizar Nominated

Caracol awardsEdit

Others awardsEdit


  • The Mexican network Televisa made a version titled " 'I love Juan Querendón' ", starring Eduardo Santamarina in 2007.
  • The Portuguese network TVI made in 2003 a version of the telenovela called " 'Coração Malandro' ", starring Pepê Rapazote.
  • The channel France 3 made a French version, called " 'Le Sens de Jean-Louis' ".

Spin offEdit

After the telenovela was finished in 2003, Telemundo produced a spin-off called Como Pedro por su Casa ,[5] the series is divided into three sagas, of 20 chapters each. Starring Miguel Varoni. In the first, the Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera will be Pedro Coral's new love, while the Colombian figures Alina Lozano (Mrs. Nidia), Álvaro Bayona (Pastor Gaitán), Fernando Solórzano (René), Jairo Camargo will also be part of the cast. (Alirio Perafán) and Juan Carlos Arango (Enrique Bueno). In the second series, Pedro will travel to the United States and will be accompanied by another Mexican actress, not yet confirmed. Dago García and Luis Felipe Salamanca, librettists of the series, have already written the first 20 episodes. "Como Pedro por su casa" is recorded in the new studios that Canal Caracol has just opened in Bogotá, under the direction of Juan Carlos Villamizar, produced by Orlando Jiménez and directing assistance from Adriana Ferreira.

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