Pedro de Alcántara Téllez-Girón, 11th Duke of Osuna

Pedro de Alcántara Téllez-Girón y Beaufort Spontin, 11th Duke of Osuna, GE (10 September 1810 – 29 September 1844), was a Spanish peer, head of the House of Osuna. He was one of the most important peers of his time, and was thirteen times a duke, twelve a marquess, thirteen a count and once a viscount.[1]

The Duke of Osuna

F. de Madrazo - 1844, Pedro Téllez Girón, XI Duque de Osuna (Colección Banco de España, 217 x 142 cm).jpg
Portrait by Federico de Madrazo, 1844
Personal details
Pedro de Alcántara María Tomás Téllez-Girón y Beaufort Spontin

10 September 1810
Madrid, Spain
DiedSeptember 29, 1844(1844-09-29) (aged 34)
Madrid, Spain
MotherMaría Francisca Beaufort Spontin y Álvarez de Toledo
FatherFrancisco de Borja Téllez-Girón, 10th Duke of Osuna

Family originsEdit

Pedro was the son of Francisco Téllez-Girón, 10th Duke de Osuna and of María Francisca Beaufort Spontin y Álvarez de Toledo. The Téllez-Girón family had held title over the Dukedom of Osuna since 1562 with the rise of Pedro Téllez-Girón.


Pedro inherited the Dukedom of Osuna after the death of his father in 1820.

He died in 1844 without leaving behind any heirs. As a result, all of his titles, including the Dukedoms of the Infantado and of Osuna would pass on to his brother, Mariano Téllez-Girón.[1]

Titles heldEdit



XIII Marquess of Peñafiel, XV Marquess of Santillana, XVI Marquess of Tavara, Marquess of Terranova, Marquess of Cea, Marquess of Gibraleón, Marquess of Lombay, Marquess of Zahara, Marquess of Cenete, Marquess of Angüeso, Marquess of Almenara, Marquess of Algecilla.


XVI Count of Benavente, VII Count of Fontanar, XV Count of Ureña, Count of Mayorga, Count of Bañares, Count of Oliva, Count of Mayalde, Count of Belalcázar, Count of Real de Manzanares, Count of Saldaña, Count of the Cid, Count of Melgar de la Frontera, Count of Bailén, Count of Villada.

Preceded by
Pedro de Alcántara Álvarez de Toledo
Duke of the Infantado

Succeeded by
Mariano Téllez-Girón y Beaufort Spontin
Preceded by
Francisco Téllez-Girón
Duke of Osuna
Succeeded by
Mariano Téllez-Girón y Beaufort Spontin


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