Peder Krog

Peder Krog (8 April 1654 – 24 May 1731) was a Danish-born Norwegian Lutheran bishop.

Right Reverend

Peder Krog
Biskop Peder Krog (1654 - 1731) (2747158962).jpg
Bishop Peder Krog (1654 - 1731)
ChurchChurch of Norway
Personal details
Born(1654-04-08)8 April 1654
Aarhus, Denmark
Died24 May 1731(1731-05-24) (aged 77)

Peder Krog was born in Aarhus, Denmark. He studied in Rostock and Copenhagen, and then went to Germany to study for several years. In 1675, he was awarded his Magister Matriculation from Wittenberg. He was appointed rector of the Latin school in Kjøge in 1679. Two years later he became pastor of parishes in Holbæk and provost of Samsø. When the bishop of Trondheim died, Krog was ordained bishop in 1689.[1]

Krog served as bishop in Trondhjem from 1689 until his death, longer than anybody else with a total of 42 years. He experienced several disasters during this period, such as the Trondhjem fire of 1708 and the siege of Trondhjem by Swedish troops in 1718 during the final days of the Great Northern War. He was involved in a number of conflict and lawsuits, of which at least six reached the Supreme Court.[2][3]


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Religious titles
Preceded by
Christopher Hanssen Schletter
Bishop of the Diocese of Trondhjem
Succeeded by
Eiler Hansen Hagerup