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Peach (disambiguation)

Peach is a tree, and the fruit produced by that tree.

Peach or PEACH may also refer to:



  • PEACH, an American blues and jazz artist
  • Peach Janae, the real name of Vicky Victory, a female professional wrestler from the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  • Alan Peach (1890–1961), English cricketer
  • Ben Peach (1842–1926), British geologist and Charles William Peach's son
  • Blair Peach (1946–1979), New Zealand-born teacher and political activist
  • Ceri Peach (1939–2018), Welsh geographer
  • Charles William Peach (1800–1886), British naturalist and geologist
  • David Peach (born 1951), footballer on England's national team in 1977
  • Harry Peach (1874–1936), British furniture manufacturer and social campaigner
  • Kenneth Peach (1903–1988), American cinematographer
  • Mary Peach (born 1934), British actress
  • Stuart Peach (born 1956), RAF Officer
  • James Root (born 1971), American musician nicknamed "The Peach"

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Fictional charactersEdit

  • Peach Landis, a recurring fictional character in the U.S. TV series 2 Broke Girls, played by American actress Brooke Lyons
  • Princess Peach, a fictional character from the Mario series of video games


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  • Big Buck Bunny (code named "Project Peach"), an open content short film by the Blender Foundation
  • Peach Girl, a Japanese shōjo manga series by Miwa Ueda

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