Pazzi Madonna

The Pazzi Madonna is a rectangular "stiacciato" marble relief sculpture by Donatello, now in the sculpture collections of the Bode-Museum in Berlin.[1][2] Dating to around 1425-1430, it was probably originally produced for private devotion in the Palazzo Pazzi della Congiura in Florence at the beginning of Donatello's collaboration with Michelozzo.[3] It was extremely popular and is known in several copies.

The Pazzi Madonna
Donatello Madonna Pazzi.jpg
Year1425 - 1430
Mediummarble relief sculpture
Dimensions74,5 cm × 69,5 cm (29,3 in × 27,3 in)
LocationBode-Museum, Berlin
Studio copy, Louvre

The Virgin Mary is shown three-quarter-length, holding the Christ Child in her arms. Neither of them are shown with haloes and the emphasis is instead on their tender and intense intimacy, developing themes from the Eleusa-type icon in Byzantine art. The child reaches out his arm to his mother, but both their expressions are melancholy, with the Virgin reflecting on her son's future Passion.


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