Pawtucketville is a neighborhood and village within the city of Lowell, Massachusetts.[1]

Neighborhood of Lowell
Country United States
State Massachusetts
ZIP Code
Area code(s)978
Panoramic view of Merrimack River in Pawtucketville

The area was settled in the 1668 as Drawcott and was previously inhabited by the Pennacook tribe, and eventually "[t]he settlement that developed on the north side of the river was first called Pawtucket Village. The name Pawtucketville can be traced to the construction of the Merrimack-Middlesex Bridge at Pawtucket Falls in 1792, the first bridge that spanned the Merrimack River. On the north side of the bridge, a small village began to develop. This community was originally known as the Village at Pawtucket Falls or Pawtucket Village, and by the time of annexation in 1874, as Pawtucketville."[2] Many notables institutions are located in the village, including Sampas Pavilion, Lowell General Hospital, Pawtucket Congregational Church (Lowell, Massachusetts), and Pawtucketville Memorial Elementary School.

Notable residentsEdit


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Coordinates: 42°39′30″N 71°19′48″W / 42.65833°N 71.33000°W / 42.65833; -71.33000