Pavlos Valdaseridis

Pavlos Valdaseridis was a poet, prose writer, translator and playwright. He was born in Larnaca, Cyprus in 1892 and lived many years in France. His poetry is lyrical, with intense religious elements and a philosophical mood. Valdaseridis died in 1972.


  • Love for Beauty, Larnaca, Cyprus, 1921
  • May Herbs (Mayovotana), Larnaca, Cyprus, 1938
  • Hermes, Larnaca, 1947
  • Cyprus, Athens, 1972
  • Here the good Shepard (Ide o Kalos Poimin), ?


  • A look on life (Mia matia sti zoi), 1924
  • The immortals (Oi athanatoi), 1943


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  • Pavlos Valdaseridis, Pneumatiki Kypros, Pyth, Drosioti, pages 251-252