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Pavel Emilyevich Feldt (Russian: Павел Эмильевич Фельдт) (1905-1960) was a Soviet conductor and composer. Working for the Kirov Theater he conducted several ballet premieres including Shostakovich's The Limpid Stream and Khachaturian's Gayane.

He studied at the Petrograd-Leningrad Conservatory where Shostakovich was a fellow student. He became a ballet conductor at MALEGOT and later at the Kirov Theater in Leningrad. He conducted the premiere of The Limpid Stream in 1935.[1] In 1942, while the company was evacuated in Perm following the German invasion of Russia, he conducted the premiere of Khachaturian's Gayane.[2] He also conducted the first production of Khachaturian's ballet, Spartacus, in 1956.[3]


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