Paulsternstraße (Berlin U-Bahn)

Paulsternstraße is a station on the Berlin U-Bahn line U7. It was opened on 1 October 1984 (constructed by Rümmler), with the line's extension from Rohrdamm to Rathaus Spandau. Its name means "Paul Stern Street" in English, Paul Stern having been the name of a pub owner after whom a Spandau neighbourhood was named. The station's interiors are notable for the large and colorful mosaics which decorate almost all walls. All signs spell "Paulsternstrasse".

Berlin U-Bahn station Paulsternstraße

It lies between the stations Haselhorst and Rohrdamm.

The Paulsternstraße is also a street in Berlin, Spandau. The walls are covered with pictures of flowers, grass and sunpatterns. The ceiling is also covered with stars. The next station is Rohrdamm.[1]


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Coordinates: 52°32′17″N 13°14′52″E / 52.53806°N 13.24778°E / 52.53806; 13.24778