Paulig is a Finnish family-owned food and drink company, founded in 1876. The company's brands are Paulig, Santa Maria, Risenta, Gold&Green and Poco Loco. Paulig has 2,000 employees in 13 countries and its net sales in 2019 were EUR 921 million.

Paulig Ltd
Founded1876; 146 years ago (1876) in Helsinki, Finland
FounderGustav Paulig [fi]
Revenue921 million euros (2019)


The history of Paulig began in 1876, when German Gustav Paulig [fi] established a new company in Helsinki. Paulig had arrived in Finland from Lübeck, Germany, in 1871.

Finland was undergoing big changes, which brought big opportunities in the business. Paulig imported salt, coffee, spices, flours, port wine and cognac.

During the first decades, Paulig's office was located in Helsinki. Bertha Paulig [fi], Gustav's wife, took care of the company after Gustav died in 1907.

Gustav's and Bertha's son, Eduard Paulig, was the managing director of the company from 1919 to 1947. During the era of Eduard Paulig, the company developed into an important company in Finland.

In October 2011, Paulig introduced the Cupsolo capsule machine to the market, which can be used to prepare, among other things, Paulig's popular Juhla Mokka and Presidentti coffees, Tazza cocoa, tea and specialty coffees such as cappuccino and espresso.[1]

In September 2016, Paulig acquired Gold & Green Foods to market meat alternative products.[2]

Since 2018, the CEO and Managing Director has been Rolf Ladau.

International businessEdit

When Baltic states declared their independence from Soviet Union in 1991, Paulig started to do co-operation with other old chambers of commerce. Paulig started business in Saue, Estonia in 1993.

Some productsEdit

  • Presidentti
  • Juhla Mokka
  • Brazil
  • Paulig Mundo
  • Paulig Espresso Originale
  • Paulig Fortissimo
  • Frezza (ice-cold milk coffee)

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