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Patrick Lucien Price is a game designer and editor who worked on the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game from TSR.

BornPatrick Lucien Price
Whiting, Indiana, United States
OccupationGame designer, editor
GenreRole-playing games


Early life and educationEdit

Pat Price was born in Whiting, Indiana.[1] Price earned a B.A. in French and Spanish from Marian College in Indianapolis, Indiana, and worked as a teacher and tutor in those languages for several years.[1]


Pat's brother, Mike Price, was a game designer for TSR, Inc., Pat answered the call for new editors at TSR, beginning as a games editor in 1980 for the revisions Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set and Expert Set.[1] A year later, he was promoted to manager of the Pre-Press Department, and managed the department for nearly three years before transferring to TSR's magazines department. “By this time, I had the technical background to be a good editor, and I could be useful in all phases of the operation,” Price said.[1] “I’m not a gaming fan, or a would-be game designer, or a would-be writer. I like the editor’s role—the responsibility for helping people come up with ideas and make them work. I think I’ve got a good critical sense for identifying problem areas in manuscripts and advising writers on improvements?”[1] Price worked on the editorial staff for Dragon magazine, reviewing all fiction submissions for Dragon, editing book reviews, and other editorial duties. Price also worked as Assistant Editor for Strategy & Tactics, and Managing Editor for Amazing Stories while with TSR. With George H. Scithers, he coordinated all business and production aspects of Amazing Stories.[1] Price also worked on Dungeon magazine, and contributed to the Dragonlance supplement, Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home (1987).


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