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Pastelón is a Puerto Rican casserole dish layered like Italian lasagne made with yucca, batata, breadfruit or sweet plantains. Can be stuffed with meat or vegetables with usually cheese and tomato sauce.

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Pastelón from Puerto Rico, a casserole dish layered like Italian lasagne made with sweet plantains, ground beef, tomato-based sauce and cheese.
Alternative namesPiñón
CourseMain course
Place of originPuerto Rico
Serving temperatureHot

Ingredients and preparationEdit

The pastelón is a casserole dish consisting of typical Latin Caribbean foods such as plantains, batata, breadfruit, or yucca with garlic, peppers, onions, cheese, butter, and meat.

Pastelón is typically done with sweet plantains but can be done with breadfruit or batata. They are cut thin, fried and then layer as a traditional lasagna with meat, cheese and sauce.

With yucca it first has to be boiled then mashed with butter and milk. The consistency should be simalier to stiff mashed potaotes but spreadable. The yucca gets spreaded on the bottom of pan meat or vegetables on top then another layer or yucca and so on.