Pastelón is a Puerto Rican casserole dish layered like Italian lasagne made with exclusively sweet plantains, stuffed with ground meat, vegetables, and bound together with beaten eggs.

My Pastelon de Puerto Rico.jpg
Pastelón, a casserole dish layered like Italian lasagne made with sweet plantains, picadillo (seasoned, ground beef), green beans, with a beaten-egg binder.
Alternative namesPiñón
CourseMain course
Place of originPuerto Rico
Serving temperatureHot

Ingredients and preparationEdit

The pastelón is a casserole dish consisting of typical Latin Caribbean foods such as plantains, sofrito, and seasoned, mince meat (beef).[1]

Dominican RepublicEdit

In the Dominican Republic this dish is closely related to casserole. Sweet plantains are boiled and then mashed. Ground meat is layered with beaten eggs and sometimes cheddar cheese is added. The dish is then baked.

Puerto RicoEdit

In Puerto Rico pastelón is considered a Puerto Rican lasagna. Sweet plantains are boiled and then mashed with milk, eggs, olive oil or butter. The sweet plantain mash is then separated for layering. Ground meat is usually seasoned with chopped peppers, onions, basil, raisins, olives, capers, tomatoes and garlic. Plantain mash is then spread on the bottom of a backing pan layered with meat or vegetables (mushroom, eggplant, green beans, spinach etc.) cheese and bechamel sauce. This is then repeated about two more times making layers just like a lasagna. It is then baked for an additional 20 minutes.


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