Pass It On (play)

Pass It On is the second play in a trilogy by New Zealand playwright Renée. The first play in the trilogy is Wednesday to Come, and the third is Jeannie Once. It takes place during the 1951 New Zealand waterfront dispute. Characters Cliff and Jeannie appeared as teenagers in Wednesday to Come.


The first performance was on 1 March 1986 by Theatre Corporate in Auckland, directed by Roger McGill.[1] The play has been published by Playmarket.[2]


  • Nell – thirty-four, Cliff's wife
  • Cliff – thirty-two
  • Jeannie – thirty
  • Gus – thirty-four


The play begins in February 1951, at the beginning of the 1951 New Zealand waterfront dispute. Cliff is a waterside worker, and on strike. Jeannie and Gus are involved with the union, publishing a Bulletin, putting the waterside workers' views across due to emergency regulations preventing publication of anything supporting of them in mainstream media. The play traces the change in relationship between Cliff's wife, Nell, and Jeannie. The play culminates with a march to advertise a public meeting to get public support for the strikers.


Location Date Crew Cast Sources
Theatre Corporate, Auckland 1 March 1986 – 12 April 1986 Director: Roger McGill

Designer: Donald Grant Sutherland

Lighting: Andrew Mayo

Nell: Jennifer Ward-Lealand

Cliff: John Watson

Jeannie: Judith Gibson

Gus: Michael Hurst

Hannah Playhouse, Wellington 18 April 1986 –17 May 1986 Director: Phillip Mann Jeannie: Jane Waddell

Duncan Smith

Danny Mulheron

Brenda Kendall

Simon O'Connor

Michele Amas

Liz Mullane

Mark Wright



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