Pasión de Gavilanes

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Pasión de Gavilanes (international title: Hidden Passion) is a Colombian telenovela written by Julio Jiménez. It is produced by RTI Colombia in conjunction with the Telemundo network and with the participation of Caracol TV company.[1][2] The telenovela is based on the 1994 telenovela Las aguas mansas, also written by Jiménez and produced by RTI. It premiered on Telemundo on 21 October 2003, while in Colombia it premiered on Caracol TV.

Pasión de Gavilanes
Created byJulio Jimenez
Developed by
Directed by
  • Rodrigo Triana
  • Sergio Osorio
  • Camilo Vega
Theme music composerNicolás Uribe
Opening theme"Fiera inquieta"[a]
ComposerNicolás Uribe
Country of originColombia
Original languageSpanish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes259
Executive producers
  • Hugo León Ferrer
  • Marcos Santana
  • Karen Barroeta
  • Harold Sánchez
  • Clara María Ochoa
  • Ana Piñeres
Production locationsBoyacá, Colombia
Running time42-45 minutes
Original release
Release21 October 2003 (2003-10-21) –
31 May 2022 (2022-05-31)

On May 12, 2021, Telemundo announced a second season through its upfront for the 2021-2022 television season, taking place 20 years after the events of the original series.[3][4] Production of the season began on 18 October 2021.[5] The season premiered on 14 February 2022, and ended on 31 May 2022.[6][7]



Series overview

SeriesEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
118821 October 2003 (2003-10-21)14 September 2004 (2004-09-14)
27114 February 2022 (2022-02-14)31 May 2022 (2022-05-31)

Season 1


Bernardo Elizondo is the owner of a hacienda, where he lives with his wife, Doña Gabriela, their daughters: Norma, Jimena and Sara, Norma's husband: Fernando Escandón, and his father-in-law, Don Martín Acevedo, a retired military man who is paralyzed. Norma and Fernando's marriage was arranged by Doña Gabriela to hide that Norma had been the victim of a rape, but the marriage is in name only and has not been consummated, due to her trauma. Apart from that, Gabriela is in love with Fernando, so she forces her daughter to marry him to keep him close. Although Bernardo is in love with Libia Reyes, a humble young woman, he knows that he could not marry her, since Gabriela, a very despotic woman and very old-fashioned, would never give him a divorce. Bernardo is determined to break with everything in order to live out his love for Libia, and he decides to formally appear before the young woman's brothers; Juan, Óscar and Franco Reyes, who did not support the relationship but approve it, since the happiness of their sister depends on it. Unfortunately, Bernardo has a horse accident and dies. At the same time, Libia discovers that she is pregnant and finds out that Bernardo has died, so she decides to go to the Elizondo to claim the money, although she is scared and not convinced if she should go. When she arrives at the Elizondo house, Doña Gabriela humiliates and despises her family. Libia flees desperate and commits suicide by jumping off a bridge.

When the Reyes brothers find out everything, they swear to avenge the death of their sister and go to the Elizondo estate, posing as some bricklayers that Doña Gabriela has contracted to build a cabin for Norma and Fernando. This is achieved thanks to the Elizondo housekeeper, Eva Rodríguez, who also wants revenge on Gabriela for having forced her to give up her only daughter, Ruth, for having kept her single and having no resources to support her. By meeting the Elizondo sisters, Óscar Reyes intends to convince his brothers to change their revenge plans and seduce the Elizondo sisters, to pay them with the same price, although what he really intends is to get the Elizondo money to improve their situation. His brother Juan does not agree with their plans, but when he meets Norma Elizondo he changes his mind because they are instantly attracted to each other. This attraction makes Juan completely forget his revenge plans, but the couple will find many obstacles in the way that they must overcome.

Season 2


Twenty years after coming together, the life of the Reyes Elizondo family is prosperous and peaceful. The family known as one of the most influential in the city of San Marcos, where they live and do business. However, their idyllic life shatters after Erick and León Reyes, the twin sons of Juan and Norma, are accused of murder. This accusation is only the first of a series of successive events that arrive to disrupt the lives of Juan & Norma, Oscar & Jimena, Franco & Sara. The new generations of Reyes, the now-grown children of the respective couples, will also face challenges that will change their lives forever.



Main cast

  • Danna García as Norma Elizondo Acevedo de Reyes; Bernardo and Gabriela's eldest daughter, Sara and Jimena’s older sister, Juan's wife, Juan David, Leon and Erick's mother
  • Mario Cimarro as Juan "Juancho" Reyes Guerrero, Oscar, Franco's and Libia's older brother, Ruth's maternal cousin, Norma's second husband and Juan David, Leon and Erick's father
  • Paola Rey as Jimena Elizondo Acevedo de Reyes; Bernardo and Gabriela's youngest daughter, Norma and Sara's younger sister, Oscar's wife and Duván's stepmother
  • Alfonso Baptista as Óscar Reyes Guerrero; Juan's younger brother, Franco and Libia's older brother, Ruth's maternal cousin, Jimena's husband and Duván's father
  • Natasha Klauss as Sara "Sarita" Elizondo Acevedo de Reyes, Bernardo and Gabriela's second daughter, Norma and Jimena's sister, Franco's wife and Andres and Gaby's mother
  • Michel Brown as Franco Reyes Guerrero; Juan and Oscar's younger brother, Libia's older brother, Ruth's maternal cousin, Rosario's ex-lover, Eduvina's ex-husband, Sara's husband and Andres and Gaby's father
  • Jorge Cao (season 1) and Germán Quintero (season 2) as Martín Acevedo; Gabriela's father, Norma, Jimena and Sara's grandfather, and Juan David's great-grandfather
  • Kristina Lilley as Gabriela Acevedo de Elizondo/Gabriela Acevedo Escándon; Martin's daughter, Bernardo's widow, Norma, Jimena and Sara's mother, and Fernando's former second wife, Juan David, Leon, Erick, Gaby and Andres Reyes grandmother, Oscar's, Franco's and Juan's mother-in-law
  • Ana Lucía Domínguez as Libia Reyes Guerrero / Ruth Uribe Santos / Ruth Guerrero Rodríguez (season 1; the same actress who played two different characters). Libia is Juan, Oscar, and Franco's younger sister, and Bernardo's former lover, aunt of Juan David, Leon, Erick, Andres and Gaby. Ruth is Eva's long-lost biological daughter and the Reyes siblings' maternal cousin as her dad is Aníbal Guerrero (The Reyes sibling's mom's brother)
  • Gloria Gómez as Eva Rodríguez (season 1); Housekeeper of Elizondo household, Norma, Jimena and Sara's nanny/mother-figure and Ruth's biological mother
  • Zharick León as Rosario Montes; Franco's former lover, Armando's widow, Samuel's wife and Muriel's mother
  • Juan Sebastián Aragón as Armando Navarro (season 1); Rosario's husband; a powerful henchman who takes avenge against Juan, Oscar and Franco
  • Juan Pablo Shuk as Fernando Escandón (season 1); Norma and Gabriela's ex-husband; Armando's criminal mastermind
  • Lorena Meritano[8] as Dínora Rosales (season 1); was in love with Juan
  • Bernardo Flores as Juan David Reyes (season 2), Juan and Norma's eldest son[9]
  • Camila Rojas as Muriel Caballero Montes (season 2), Rosario and Samuel's only daughter, Juan David's wife, Norma and Juan's daughter-in-law
  • Juan Manuel Restrepo as León Reyes (season 2), Erick's twin and Juan David's younger brother. Juan and Norma's son
  • Sebastián Osorio as Erick Reyes (season 2), León's twin and Juan David's younger brother. Juan and Norma's son
  • Yare Santana as Gabriela "Gaby" Reyes (season 2), Sara and Franco's daughter, Andrés Reyes's sister
  • Jerónimo Cantillo as Andrés Reyes (season 2), Sara and Franco's son, Gaby's brother
  • Ángel de Miguel as Albin Duarte (season 2)
  • Alejandro López as Demetrio Jurado (season 2)
  • Boris Schoemann as Pablo Gunter (season 2), Rosario's employee
  • Katherine Porto as Romina Clemente (season 2), had an affair with Oscar[10]

Recurring cast

  • Germán Rojas as Bernardo Elizondo (season 1); Gabriela's ex-husband, Libia's former lover, Norma, Jimena and Sara's father, Juan David, Leon, Erick, Andres and Gaby's maternal grandfather
  • Talú Quintero as Eduvina Trueba (season 1); Franco's ex wife
  • Valeria García as Juan David Reyes Elizondo (season 1); Norma and Juan's son
  • Lady Noriega as María Josefa "Pepita" Ronderos
  • Consuelo Luzardo as Melissa Santos (season 1)
  • Julio del Mar as Leonidas Coronado (season 1)
  • Andrés Felipe Martínez as Malcolm Ríos (season 1); works for Fernando
  • Clemencia Guillén as Carmela Gordillo (season 1); works for Fernando
  • Sebastián Boscán as Leandro Santos (season 1); Ruth's adoptive cousin, Benito's brother and Jimena's gay friend
  • Andrea Villareal as Panchita López (season 1)
  • Alberto Marulanda as Miguel Barragán (season 1)
  • Carlos Alberto Sánchez as Manolo Barragán (season 1)
  • Inés Prieto as Hortencia Garrido de Barragán (season 1)
  • Sigifredo Vega as Filemón Barragán (season 1)
  • Carmenza González as Quintina Canosa
  • Pedro Roda as Olegario (season 1)
  • Fernando Corredor as Calixto Uribe (season 1); Ruth's adoptive father
  • Maria Margarita Giraldo as Raquel Santos de Uribe (season 1); Ruth's adoptive mother
  • Giovanni Suarez Forero as Benito Santos (season 1), Ruth's adoptive cousin
  • Vilma Vera as Magnolia Bracho (season 1)
  • Samuel Hernández as Zacarías Rosales (season 1)
  • Jacqueline Henríquez as Úrsula de Rosales (season 1)
  • Leonelia González as Belinda Rosales (season 1)
  • Ricardo Herrera as Antonio Coronado (season 1), Ruth's boyfriend
  • Jaime Gutiérrez as Jaime Bustillo (season 1)
  • Pilar Álvarez as Violeta Villas (season 1)
  • Víctor Rodríguez as Memo Duque (season 1)
  • Tatiana Jauregui as Dominga, Elizondo's maid
  • Alexander Palacio as Rubinsky (season 1)
  • Herbert King as Herzog (season 1)
  • Margarita Durán as Ceci (season 1)
  • Liliana Calderón as Nidia (season 1)
  • Margarita Amado as Rosita (season 1)
  • Guillermo Villa as the father Epifanio (season 1)
  • Ana Soler as Emilce (season 1)
  • Helga Díaz as Betina (season 1)
  • Carlos Duplat as Agapito Cortéz (season 1)
  • Constanza Hernández as Panchita López (season 2); Rosario's employee
  • Jacobo Montalvo as Duván Clemente (season 2); Oscar and Romina's son, Jimena's stepson
  • Jonathan Bedoya as Nino Barcha (season 2); Gaby's late boyfriend
  • Sebastián Vega (season 2)
  • Valeria Caicedo as Sibila (season 2); Erick's fiance
  • Álvaro García (season 2)

Guest stars

  • Sergio Goyri as Samuel Caballero (season 2); Rosario's husband, Muriel's father, Juan David's father-in-law

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominated Result Ref
2004 TVyNovelas Awards Best Telenovela Pasión de Gavilanes Won [11]
Best Antagonist Actress Lorena Meritano Won
Best Supporting Actress Natasha Klauss Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Jorge Cao Won
Best Screenplay Julio Jiménez Won
Best Directing Rodrigo Triana and Mauricio Cruz Won
India Catalina Awards Best Telenovela Pasión de Gavilanes Won [12][13]
Best Supporting Actress Zharick León Won
2022 Produ Awards Best Short Telenovela Pasión de Gavilanes Nominated [14][15]
Best Music Theme - Superseries or Telenovela "Fiera inquieta" by Olga Castillo "Guita" Nominated
Best Lead Actress - Superseries or Telenovela Danna García Nominated
Best Lead Actor - Superseries or Telenovela Michel Brown Nominated
Best Directing - Superseries or Telenovela Rodrigo Triana, Sergio Osorio, and Camilo Vega Nominated
Best Fiction Production - Superseries or Telenovela Karen Barroeta, Marcos Santana, Harold Sánchez, Clara María Ochoa, and Ana Piñeres Nominated
Best Screenplay - Superseries or Telenovela Julio Jiménez and Iván Martínez Nominated



Philippine adaptation


In the 2nd quarter of 2015, ABS-CBN announced RTI Producciones (in partnership with Caracol Televisión) and Telemundo have given to permit to do a Pinoy version of the series known as Pasión de Amor starring Jake Cuenca, Arci Muñoz, Ejay Falcon, Ellen Adarna, Joseph Marco and Coleen Garcia. Pasión de Amor premiered on June 1, 2015 and ended on February 26, 2016 with a total of 194 episodes in 3 seasons.


  1. ^ Performed by Ángela María Forero in the first season, and Olga Castillo "Guita" in the second season.


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