Partička was a Slovak improvisational comedy show strongly inspired by Whose Line Is It Anyway?, later brought to the Czech Republic. The Slovak edition started in 2009. Although it saw a big success with the younger generation of viewers, its ratings were never high enough for the commercial television Markíza, which broadcast the show. After several shifts with its timeslot (starting on Monday nights – moved to Saturday nights) the show ended after its fourth season on 31 December 2012. Several Slovak actors have appeared on the show including Juraj Kemka, Lukáš Latinák and Petra Polnišová.

GenreImprovisational comedy
Created byDaniel Dangl
Based onWhose Line Is It Anyway?
Country of originSlovakia
Original languageSlovak
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes107
  • Vladimír Burianek
  • Zuzana Balkóová
Running time30 minutes
Original networkMarkíza
Original release4 October 2009 (2009-10-04) –
31 December 2012 (2012-12-31)
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The show was later brought to the Czech television Prima, where its success slowly grew to a very popular show. Production made several tours across the Czech Republic and organized the summer festival Partička na Vzduchu starring Slovak actors as well. After cancellation on the television channel Prima, production moved to the internet television channel as iPartička and later to Barrandov television as La Parta, but neither was as successful as the original Slovak Partička. The Czech edition later ended on May 27th 2013.

Actors in Slovakian version:

Many guest appearances

Actors in Czech version: