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Parkenfestivalen is an outdoors festival that takes place in Bodø, Norway every year in August. This has been a tradition ever since 2006, and the festival only gets bigger every year. The festival is held in a park called Rensåsparken. In the beginning the people organizing the festival only expected about 2500 paying visitors, but already the first year many more came. This year[when?] it was sold out about 8 months before it took place. The target group for the festival is mainly young adults and adults.

Parkenfestivalen 2012 The Prodigy.jpg
The Prodigy at Parkenfestivalen 2012.
GenreRock, HipHop, R&B, Rap, Jazz, Blues, Metal
DatesFriday and Saturday, third weekend of August.
Location(s)Bodø, Norway
Years active2006-

About RensåsparkenEdit

Rensåsparken is a park close to the center of Bodø. During the year the park is a popular place where people have picnics, take walks and just hang out.


This festival has several stages, the main stage, the «park-stage» and the «lairo-stage». The main stage is the biggest, and it is here you will find the most known artists. At the «lairo-stage» you will often find different dj´s, this stage is located at the top of the park, here there is fewer people and the atmosphere is more intimate. At the «park-stage» local artists often perform, some of these are well known among the citizens of Bodø, whilst other might be performing for the first time.


The parkenfestival started in 2006, and has only gotten bigger since that. The first time the festival had hoped for about 2500 paying guests, but the first day over 5000 showed up, and on the second day 7500. During the years the artists has become more international, compared to the first years when they had a lot of Norwegian and Scandinavian artists.

Parken LiveEdit

Parken Livve is all part of the Park festival which holds concerts several times a year . Parken Live has hosted several major concerts with famous artists such as Circus Eliassen, Kaizers Orchestra and Karpe Diem . In 2013, Parken Live arrange concerts with famous artists like Wiz Khalifa, Lissie and Donkeyboy. The concerts are held on several premises like Sinus, Bodø Spektrum and Kulturhuset.


“Parkenavisa” is a newspaper that deals with everything that goes on during the upcoming Festival Park . Here can you find useful information about the various artists and bands, advertisements of sponsors, and interviews with some of the artists . “Parkenavisa” is published as an appendix in the newspaper “Avisa Nordland” around one month before the Park festival starts. In the “parkenavisa” of 2013, you can find a lot of stuff, like interviews, the tradition with drink holders, advertisements from the various sponsor and some information about the various artists and bands.

“Park festival” is a major event that happened in Bodø. The newspapers “Avisa Nordland”and “Bodø Nu” are two of the biggest newspapers that write about everything that happens before, during and after the “Park festival”. They write about artists that are coming, reviews, and other stuff that is related to “Park festival” . The newspaper “Avisa Nordland” is one of the sponsors of the “Park festival”.

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