20 Kilomètres de Paris

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The 20 Kilomètres de Paris (Paris 20 km) is an annual road running competition over 20 kilometres which takes place on the streets of Paris, France in October. First held in 1979, the race attracts top level international competitors and holds IAAF Silver Label Road Race status.[1]

20 Kilomètres de Paris
Eiffel tower from trocadero.jpg
The start point is near the Eiffel Tower
LocationParis, France
Event typeRoad
Distance20 km
Course recordsMen's: 57:19 (2005)
Kenya Evans Cheruiyot
Women's: 1:05:51 (2014)
Kenya Rose Chelimo
Official site20 Kilomètres de Paris

The competition was the idea of Michel Jazy, a French runner who was an Olympic medallist and two-time European Champion. The first edition was held through a joint effort by the Council of Paris and ASCAIR (the French Airforce's body for sport). The race has been organised under the auspices of ASCAIR since then.[2]

The course for the competition has a double looped, figure 8 style. The start point of the race is in the Trocadéro near the Eiffel Tower and runners then cross the River Seine over the Pont d'Iéna. It heads in an anti-clockwise loop through Bois de Boulogne before completing a smaller, clockwise loop along the banks of the Seine. The finish point is the Musée du quai Branly.[3] The original race distance was 20.3 km, but this was reduced to 20 km in 1981. As a result of poor race organisation at the starting point, athlete's times from 1981 to 1992 are not accepted for record purposes; unusually quick times were recorded as some runners began the race a whole minute before the official starter's gun had been fired.[4]

The men's and women's course records for the 20 km race are held by Kenyan athletes: Evans Cheruiyot completed the distance in 57:19 minutes in 2005 and Sarah Chepchirchir's time of 1:05:03 hours was set in 2013.[4]

The race organisers abide by their own charter of ethics which – aside from outlining typical races rules and safety issues – includes the aims of increasing inclusion of women in the sport of running and promotion of environmentally friendly attitudes.[5]

Past winnersEdit

Elite level runners competing at the 2004 edition
Scene of the mass amateur race in 2004

Key:   Course record   Timings invalid (False start or short course)

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 1979   Bram Wassenaar (NED) 1:01:30   Chantal Navarro (FRA) 1:11:29
2nd 1980   Mike McLeod (GBR) 1:02:53   Joëlle Audibert (FRA) 1:16:00
3rd 1981   Radhouane Bouster (FRA) 57:35   Annick Loir (FRA) 1:09:58
4th 1982   Jacques Boxberger (FRA) 57:47   Paula Fudge (GBR) 1:06:19
5th 1983   Thierry Watrice (FRA) 57:15   Joëlle De Brouwer (FRA) 1:07:14
6th 1984   Pierre Lévisse (FRA) 57:22   Sally-Ann Hales (GBR) 1:08:20
7th 1985   Colin Moore (GBR) 55:51   Sue Crehan (GBR) 1:06:21
8th 1986   Hussein Ahmed Salah (DJI) 57:19   Maria Rebelo (FRA) 1:06:34
9th 1987   Cor Lambregts (NED) 59:31   Agnes Pardaens (BEL) 1:08:39
10th 1988   Pierre Lévisse (FRA) 59:33   Maria Rebelo (FRA) 1:09:44
11th 1989   António Pinto (POR) 58:46   Rosa Mota (POR) 1:06:37
12th 1990   Mohammed Mourhit (BEL) 59:15   Dominique Rembert (FRA) 1:10:48
13th 1991   António Pinto (POR) 59:28   Natalia Artyemova (RUS) 1:09:37
14th 1992   Paul Arpin (FRA) 57:20   Nadezhda Ilyina (RUS) 1:09:34
15th 1993   Said Ermilli (MAR) 58:40   Hellen Kimaiyo (KEN) 1:06:37
16th 1994   Salah Hissou (MAR) 58:20   Iulia Negura (ROM) 1:08:04
17th 1995   Kenneth Cheruiyot (KEN) 58:45   Hellen Kimaiyo (KEN) 1:07:26
18th 1996   Elarbi Khattabi (MAR) 58:22   Joyce Chepchumba (KEN) 1:07:33
19th 1997   John Gwako (KEN) 57:35   Cristina Pomacu (ROM) 1:07:15
20th 1998   Hendrick Ramaala (RSA) 57:46   Hellen Kimaiyo (KEN) 1:06:21
21st 1999   Domingos Castro (POR) 57:54   Berhane Adere (ETH) 1:06:36
22nd 2000   Francis Wachira (KEN) 59:35   Hellen Kimutai (KEN) 1:05:28
23rd 2001   Philippe Remond (FRA) 1:02:17   Chantal Dällenbach (FRA) 1:10:50
24th 2002   Robert Cheruiyot (KEN) 57:38   Jeļena Prokopčuka (LAT) 1:06:44
25th 2003   Sammy Chumba (KEN) 58:26   Mestawet Tufa (ETH) 1:06:29
26th 2004   Sammy Chumba (KEN) 59:36   Lenah Cheruiyot (KEN) 1:07:36
27th 2005   Evans Cheruiyot (KEN) 57:19   Dire Tune (ETH) 1:08:17
28th 2006   John Kyui (KEN) 59:23   Florence Chepkirui (KEN) 1:10:52
29th 2007   Musau Mwanzia (KEN) 58:07   Meriem Wangari (KEN) 1:07:35
30th 2008   Sammy Kitwara (KEN) 57:42   Meriem Wangari (KEN) 1:08:05
31st 2009   Dieudonné Disi (RWA) 59:33   Meriem Wangari (KEN) 1:05:30
32nd 2010   John Mwangangi (KEN) 58:09   Rose Chelimo (KEN) 1:07:27
33rd 2011   John Mwangangi (KEN) 58:11   Sarah Chepchirchir (KEN) 1:06:04
34th 2012   Ezechiel Nizigiymana (BDI) 58:12   Cynthia Jerotich (KEN) 1:05:36
35th 2013   Tebalu Zawude (ETH) 58:07   Sarah Chepchirchir (KEN) 1:05:03
36th 2014   Muhajir Hiredin (ETH) 58:28   Rose Chelimo (KEN) 1:05:01
37th 2015   Stephen Ogari (KEN) 59:11   Nancy Kimaiyo (KEN) 1:06:03
38th 2016   Morhad Amdouni (FRA) 59:18   Etagegn Woldu (ETH) 1:06:24
39th 2017   Collins Chebii (KEN) 58:28   Gebayanesh Ayele (ETH) 1:06:02
40th 2018   Samuel Tsegay (ERI) 58:23   Ophélie Claude-Boxberger (FRA) 1:09:48
41st 2019   Enos Kales (KEN) 58:28   Naomi Jebet (KEN) 1:08:22


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