Pardes (2015 TV series)

Pardes (Urdu: پردیس, lit.'Foreign Land') is a Pakistani television drama series originally aired on Hum Sitaray starting from 28 October 2015 to 6 January 2016. It is written by K Rahman and directed by Sabir Waheed. The series features Sarwat Gillani, Faisal Rehman, Taifoor Khan, Juggan Kazim, Erum Akhtar and Sehar Afzal in leading roles.[1][2] Besides Pakistan, the series is also set in Phuket, Thailand.[3][4]

Written byK Rahman
Directed bySabir Waheed
StarringSarwat Gillani
Faisal Rehman
Juggan Kazim
Taifoor Khan
Erum Akhtar
Imran Ashraf
Sohail Sameer
Irfan Khoosat
Country of originPakistan
Original languageUrdu
No. of episodes10
Production companyBlue Eye Entertainment
Original release
NetworkHum Sitaray
Release28 October 2015 (2015-10-28) –
6 January 2016 (2016-01-06)

Plot edit

Pardes revolves around a household from Lahore where two brothers live together happily with their families. On the wedding days of their children, the elder brother's son, Kabeer refuses to marry the daughter of younger brother, Mubashir. He leaves the house and goes to abroad to his friend, Sonia whom he knows and becomes a friend on internet. Sonia lives in Phuket with her mother and works in the house of a rich businessman, Makdoom Shah Zaman. She takes care of the wife of Zaman, Geati who has some problems likely bipolar disorder.

Cast edit

References edit

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