Paraguayan Civil War (1911–1912)

The Paraguayan Civil War was a civil war fought in Paraguay from 15 July 1911 to 11 May 1912. It started when members of the Liberal Party, led by Eduardo Schaerer and former president Manuel Gondra revolted against the rule of Liberato Marcial Rojas, and against major Albino Jara. It ended when Albino Jara was ambushed and killed near Paraguarí, allowing Eduardo Schaerer to assume the role of the 25th President of Paraguay.[1]

Paraguayan Civil War (1911–1912)
Date15 July 1911 – 11 May 1912
(9 months, 3 weeks and 5 days)

Rebel victory

Paraguayan government Rebels
Commanders and leaders
Liberato Marcial Rojas
Albino Jara 
Eduardo Schaerer
Manuel Gondra
Casualties and losses
4000 killed[1] 1000 killed[1]

Meredith Reid Sarkees and Frank Whelon Wayman maintain that the 1911 Paraguayan Civil War was symptomatic of a decades-long period of instability in Paraguay following the Paraguayan War.[1]


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