Paraguay Marathon Club

Paraguay Marathon Club initialed PMC is a track and field athletics club based in the city of Asunción in Paraguay. The club is affiliated with the Federación Paraguaya de Atletismo. The current president of the Paraguay Marathon Club is Myrta Doldán, who is also president of the Federación Paraguaya de Atletismo.[1] At national level, Paraguay Marathon Club is the best athletics club in Paraguay along with Club Sol de América and the Asociación de Atletismo del Alto Paraná.

Paraguay Marathon Club
Full nameParaguay Marathon Club
GroundAsunción, Paraguay
ChairmanParaguay Myrta Doldán
LeagueParaguay Federación Paraguaya de Atletismo


Paraguay Marathon Club was champion of the 2014 Paraguayan Athletics Championships upon reaching 345 points.[2]

Paraguay Marathon Club was crowned champion of the 2015 Paraguayan Athletics Championships, where it achieved a score of 139.[3]


Carmen Martínez, PMC athlete, competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics.


Athlete Country Events Honors Reference
Carmen Martínez   Paraguay 5, 000 metres 2016 Summer Olympics [4]
Anna Camila Pirelli   Paraguay 100m, Long Jump, High Jump 2015 World Championships in Athletics and Paraguayan record for Heptathlon [5]
Victor Fatecha   Paraguay Javelin Throw 2008 Summer Olympics [6]
Fredy Maidana   Paraguay 100m, 200m Paraguayan record for 100m and 200m [6]
Larson Giovanni Diaz Martinez   Paraguay Javelin Throw 2015 South American Championships [7]
Derlis Ramón Ayala   Paraguay 10000 km 2016 Summer Olympics and national record for 10 km [7]
Christopher Josue Ortiz Gonzalez   Paraguay 100m, High Jump 2016 Ibero-American Championships in Athletics [5]


Athlete Country Events Honors Reference
John William Zavala Zalimben   Paraguay 200 metre sprint National Championships [5]

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