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A parachute is a fabric device to slow descent through the air.

Parachute or Parachutes may also refer to:

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  • Parachute (band), an American pop rock band
  • Parachute Band, a worship band, formed out of the New Zealand-based Christian organisation Parachute Music

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  • Parachute (balloon), a hot air balloon
  • Parachute (brand), a brand for a coconut-based hair product manufactured by Marico
  • Parachute (drugs), a method of ingesting psychoactive drugs
  • Parachute candidate, an election candidate who does not live in, and has little connection to, the area they are running to represent
  • Parachute flare, a type of pyrotechnic that produces a brilliant light or intense heat without an explosion
  • Parachute journalism, the practice of thrusting journalists into an area to report on a story in which the reporter has little knowledge or experience
  • Parachute pants, a style of trousers