Paper-and-pencil game

Paper-and-pencil games or paper-and-pen games (or some variation on those terms) are games that can be played solely with paper and pencils (or other writing implements), usually without erasing. Examples of paper-and-pencil games are Tic-tac-toe, Sprouts, and Dots and Boxes. Other examples include: Hangman, Connect 5, M.A.S.H., Battleship, Paper soccer, Golf[citation needed], WedgoLogic, MLine[citation needed], and Spellbinder.

Additionally, the term is used to distinguish role-playing games of the tabletop variety from role-playing video games, although those traditional role-playing games do not necessarily use either paper or pencils.

In some board games, particularly abstract strategy games like Gomoku and Connect Four, a piece, once played, will not be moved or removed from the board. Such games can be played either as board games or as paper-and-pencil games, while many other paper-and-pencil games require the use of writing utensils.


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